Are You Upside Down on You Mortgage? How To Become Debt Free

If you are up to your eyeballs in debt, it is time to get weird.  Time to shake-up your life & your lifestyle.  Whatever you are doing now is definitely not working so give something else a try.  Get some advice from some people who have been there, done that.   Dave Ramsey has literally written the book on becoming weird in his best seller The Total Money Makeover.  He recommends that you sell your vehicle if you can't pay it off within 18 months.  Buy a beater.  That would be step one (stop using credit cards-step 1a).  Can you really afford the house?  If mortgage payments are more than about 35% of your combined income then you probably can't afford it.  Sell it and scale down to a house at about 25% of income.  OK, so now you sold your nice cars and big house--that's different and weird (good).  Do you have an income problem?  If you are working at Taco Bell and trying to support a family then it is time to step it up and reach your potential.  You may have to work crappy hours (graveyard shift), but there are many jobs that pay well if you are not afraid of a little physical work.  If you are broke and only are working 40 hours a week then it is time to find a part-time job.  I see too many broke people who work Monday-Friday 9-5.  Would an extra $600 a month help your situation?  If so, you could make $600 a month in just about any part-time job working only 15 hours a week.  Too many people want to get out of debt but are not willing to make any sacrifices in order to do it.  Shut up, stop whining & get a life.  If you want to continue living exactly like you are now AND get out of debt, you are living in a fantasy world.  You are doing something wrong, so try the opposite.  If it feels weird, it is probably right.  Shake up your life and get radical.  Make a lot of sacrifices the next 5 years so that your remaining 40+ years will be debt free and weird.