Don't Take Wooden Nickels!

Tipping the wait staff in a restaurant has always been a much debated topic.  How much of a tip is appropriate is the most often argued part, however, some people seem to feel that they should not have to tip at all as it should be the restaurant's responsibility to pay their staff an appropriate wage.  I have never worked in a restaurant before but I do understand the importance of giving good tips.  These people are SERVING you.  They are doing this in exchange for money.  If you don't want to have someone SERVE you, go to a fast food place.  I always tip 20% unless I feel the waiter/waitress was either rude or they seemingly disappeared.  If the meal was bad, it probably was not the waiter's fault.  Be polite to the waiter and ask to speak to the manager to voice your concerns.  Just because someone is SERVING you for money doesn't mean you have the right to be demanding, rude, or demeaning.  They are human beings just trying to make a living and pay their bills.  Respect them!  There have been many times that I have seen the people at the table next to me be real jerks to a waitress because she didn't bring them the extra butter as fast as they wanted or some stupid reason like that.  If you get impatient easily then you probably need to stay home and cook for yourself.  If you are too cheap to pay someone 15-20% for SERVING you then stay home and keep that table open for someone who will pay them.  Respect your fellow human beings in every thing you do.