Integrity for $100, Alex! Get a Clue.

What is integrity?  Do we know it when we see it?  How do you get it?  These questions ran through my mind this morning as I lay in bed.  I have no idea why I was wondering about integrity, but it got me thinking.  Does integrity run hand in hand with morals?  I know a guy at work who is a devote christian but I often question his integrity and ethics.  He seems to skate on the borderline of being ethical (he's in sales).  Is integrity only the results of actions or are your thoughts included in it?  For example, lets say that you book a vacation with a company that gives you a large discount with the requirement that you go on a time-share tour.  If you absolutely have no intention of even considering buying a time-share, does this show poor integrity?  To me, integrity is sort of a label.  If humans walked around with a sticker on their foreheads (based on their actions/thoughts) that had words such as "cheapskate", "unethical", "immoral", or "no integrity"-would it change how they behaved?  As I go through my path to debt freedom, I really don't want to be labeled as being cheap.  I feel like I am right on the border of being "frugal with some cheapskate thoughts".  I am always looking for ways to save money.  I use CFL light bulbs because they save me money, not because they save energy (is this wrong?).  Should I feel guilty when I recycle products only when it is convenient?  If at work I leave the lights on all day long even when I leave the room but at home I always shut them off (because it costs me money), should I feel guilty?  I would probably say I am a bit selfish in a lot of ways.  If it affects me, I care...otherwise-maybe not so much.  If I am not really emotionally upset about the Haiti disaster and didn't donate anything, does that make me a bad, uncaring person?  I'm not sure why I am having all these thoughts this morning, but I guess it never hurts to get a little philosophical. Too bad life is not more like Jeopardy, we would already have all the answers and just need to come up with the questions.