Debt Elimination Secrets are for Losers! Need a Little Black Book?

Here's an update on my debt freedom path.  I have paid off $41,526 dollars of debt in 20 months.  We are on target to pay off all our debt on Dec 2012.  To be free of the $100,332 of debt will be a pretty unbelievable feeling!  It CAN be done!  To anyone who is just starting out trying to become debt free, I just say to you-BELIEVE.  Stick to it.  Don't get side tracked or discouraged.  In these 20 months, we also bought a $6000 camper (paid for) and will be going to Disney World in a few weeks ($3000+ paid for).  We are still living relatively well, just watching where we spend, cut back on several things, and keep a tight budget.  In a little less than three years from now, we will be doing the Snoopy dance and living in our paid for home.