Where is my Alabama State Tax Refund Delay.......2010 Just Like 2009!

Still waiting on your state tax refund? I'm not, but many in Alabama still are. I don't live there but I do have relatives who do. They are getting quite used to the fact that their state tax refunds never seem to show up. How frustrating that must be.
There are several states that would be on the brink of collapse if they were actually corporations. California, Illinois, New Jersey...the deep in debt list goes on. Fiscal responsibility needs to be at the top of the "must have" list when deciding who should be the governor running the state. Some of the governors have never even been in financial control of their own households let alone multi-billion dollar industries/state. If they have never had any real experience running a successful organization (budgeting), do they really need to be running the state? I promise to stay away from the political aspect on this blog, but come on people....WAKE UP! I vote Dave Ramsey for Governor of common sense.