Money Secrets of the Wealthy.

The wanna be's are always looking for the "secret" to becoming rich. 
They figure there HAS to be a magic pill that will change their world and make them money hand over fist.  Maybe they can even google the answer.  Wrong.  There is no secret!  The only answer is called common sense.  The answer is:  Spend less than you earn...consistently.  Wait, you mean your not accepting that answer?  No, really, that is it.  That answer is not sexy.  It's not glamorous.  How fast you can turn your financial life from icky to wealthy depends on a lot of factors.  First factor is how committed to it you really are.  Are you really willing to give up all the conveniences and enjoyment of your old stupid ways?  If so, you may have a chance.  Are you really willing to stick with this "new life" for the next (#?) years?  Can you really kick stupid to the curb?  Will you be able to be an adult and delay gratification?  Dave Ramsey's plan shows you the way but it is you at the wheel.  Will you stay the course and get there or will you pull over at the nearest roadside attraction?  Why is it called "common sense" when it is in fact so rare?