How To Kill Fruit Flies. These Things Are Driving Me Crazy

Fruit flies are everywhere! They fly by my face, hover above my food, and seem to multiply by the hour. How do I kill these things?
After searching the internet, I guess my best bet is to eliminate them by trapping them. Right now I have two cups, a bowl, and a water bottle with apple juice and banana peels sitting on my kitchen counter. One by one, slowly they're landing in it and basically drowning. These pesky fruit flies are worse than gnats.
The lifespan of a fruit fly is about 10 days but they lay eggs and new ones are born so quickly. If I start typing weird it is probably because I tried swatting one and bumped my keyboard again. I eliminated any fruit in the kitchen (except the fridge) but these crazy things just kind of buzz around like they own the place. Oh well, I guess it could be worse as I hear the bed bugs in the hotels are becoming a huge problem. Maybe I couoidw jib dejhb....