How to Save Money on Heating Bills in Winter. Top Ten Tips to Save Money and Reduce Energy Bills

As the temperature drops, the heating bill rises. What can you do to save money this winter? I WILL NOT be one of those people (maybe you) who keeps the thermostat at 65F or less during the day (while at home). No way! The minimum temperature that I will keep it at during the day is 68F....and that is a bit chilly.
I usually stay around 69F while the wife tries to nudge it up to 70F. Here are my top ten ways to reduce heating costs and save you money - in no specific order (I realize there are MANY ways, these are just a few of the less expense ways).

1. Get a programmable thermostat. This is very easy to install and keeps you comfortable. No longer will you wake up to a freezing house and have to tip toe to the thermostat to turn it up before you jump in the shower. I turn it down to 50 at night. Cost = $30 but will pay for itself

2. Seal around all windows and doors. If you can feel the cold air coming in around the windows & doors, well...that's just bad. Caulk is cheap. Cost < $3

3. Use your cook.
Open the oven door after baking (shut it off first) to let all the "paid for heat" out. Cost = Free..sort of

4. Change you furnace filter every month. A clogged or semi-clogged filter makes your furnace work way too hard. Cost < $5 month.

5. You, Shrek, and Onions....LAYERS. Multiple layers of clothing will keep you nice and toasty. It's not a fashion statement but it works. Cost = FREE

6. Let the sun shine in. Open the shades during the sunny time..close them to insulate afterward. Cost = FREE

7. CFL's Baby. Ok, I know these don't save money on heating bills but this is a huge energy saver. I reduced my overall electric bill by about 15% by using cfl's. They are getting much cheaper and will pay for themselves in several months. Cost = 10pk for $12

8. Keep the garage door shut. You garage acts as an insulator from the outside ONLY when the door is closed. Shut it every time you leave, even if only for a few minutes. Cost = FREE

9. Check your ducts for leaks. Are you heating your crawl space? Check those ducties. Tape up the seams if necessary. Cost = $5 for duct tape

10. Shut the damn door. Why does it seem like that's all I ever say during the winter? OK, I don't say Damn, but I do say "shut the door" about 10 times a day. It drives me nuts when someone just stands in between the door while holding it open talking to the person inside. Either go in or out...just shut the door. Cost = FREE