Taco Bell Lawsuit Over Beef. Fast Food Meat is Really Healthy...Not

Who really eats at Taco Bell if they are concerned about the quality of their beef? Come on, Taco bell has served mystery taco meat for many years. 65% mystery and 35% beef, what would you expect? What about White Castle, McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King, etc...the meat tastes like chicken.
Grade A beef or Grade A bull? Fast food is not healthy...is that a headline? The filler may be healthier than the beef. California residents needs to understand that 39 cent tacos are gonna be questionable. Among the ingredients in Taco Bell's taco meat filling are soybean oil (an anti-dusting agent), silicon dioxide (an anti-caking agent) and the common food additives maltodextrin and soy lecithin. Taco Bell is fighting the lawsuit by creating youtube videos. I guess the same peple who eat the cheap burritos also watch youtube quite often. Where else would the next generation of fat kids come from?