What is that Squealing Noise on my truck? The U-Joint replacement made Easy. Chevy Silverado Repair Costs and Service

My 2005 Chevy Silverado was recently having a strange squealing sound when I was driving forward. It was kind of a weird squeal noise that was coming from the back wheel or underneath. I assumed it was my u-joint and was right. How to replace the universal joints on a Silverado. What size wrench. Removing a stuck bolt without stripping it is difficult. How do you replace the u-joint?
On the Silverado, how much does it cost for a new u-joint? The u-joint on the truck will need replacing after about 100,000 miles. How easy is it to remove the universal joint? If you have the right tools, it is not very difficult. The four wheel drive u-joints require more time and knowledge. How long will it take to remove and replace? About 2 hours for a novice. The GMC Sierra u-joints are the same. The GMC Sierra truck is identical to the Chevy Silverado.
The Squealing noise coming from underneath the truck is from a rusted joint. The joint can't be lubed because it is sealed. Replacing the u-joints took place at the local auto repair center and cost $450. How can you tell if the u-joint is bad and needs replaced? Listen to the noise it makes. If it is an unusual squealing sound and squeaks in forward but not reverse it could be the u-joint.