Why is there a delay in my Federal Income Tax Refund? Is the IRS & Government Broke? Where is my Tax Refund?

Where is my federal tax refund? Why is there a delay in my refund from the IRS? The government is broke. The delay in your federal income tax by the IRS is alarming and so is how long will it take to get a refund.
Tax payers are feeling the strain of delayed refunds this year due to several reasons. The IRS is sending notices about a refund delay in processing. Turbotax and H&R Block TaxCut users are getting emails about a delay in tax refunds. How long of a delay will it be? When will I get my Federal Refund? Why is there a delay in sending tax refunds? The IRS is covering up a deeper issue. Being broke is a bad thing.
February 28th is when most people will get their tax refunds according to the IRS website. Why the delay? How to check for your refund is easy but getting it is difficult. My 1040 was sent a week ago Uncle Sam, please send my my refund.