Best Place to Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash. Highest Price to Pawn without a Loan

Where is the best place to sell gold? The best way to gain extra cash is to sell some of your old gold jewelry. The highest prices paid might surprise you. Pawning gold may sound like a bad idea, but take another look. The pawn shops offer a much better price per ounce than the store front places or hotel fly by nights. Selling Gold is a money maker because you should get more for an old item than you paid. If you pawn your gold, you will get some quick cash. How much is gold an ounce?
When I sold some of mine, I really didn't know what to expect. The strip mall stores with the huge window sign saying "We Buy Gold" or "Cash for Gold" that probably just started business about a year ago (they're popping up everywhere). The business was called Midwest Gold Buyers. I had several gold chains (necklaces), a ring, and a bracelet. The largest chain was "gold filled" so she couldn't take it and the bracelet had specks of small diamonds on it so since they don't pay anything for diamonds she would have to reduce the weight. Several gold stores are: My Gold Envelope, Cash 4 Gold, Elite Gold Buyers, Empire Gold Buyers, Money4Gold, GoldPromise, US Gold Buyers, All-American Gold Buyers, Gold Stash for Cash......endless). It is a little pawn shop looking place. It wasn't a pawn shop, they are really a coin type store but it had the feel of a pawn shop.