Who is Dave Ramsey? Is he Legit or scam? Baby Steps Explained and Total Money Makeover to Eliminate Debt

Who is Dave Ramsey and why should I listen to him? Dave has a syndicated radio program that will teach you how to get out of debt and build wealth. He has several best selling books--The Total Money Makeover, More than Enough, Financial Peace, Entreleadership, and more. He syas not to all loans and all debt. Is is smart to Pay off the mortgage? Who is John Commuta and what does Dave say about him?
The The Dave Ramsey Show will help you gain knowledge about how to live debt free and save money for the future. How much retirement savings does Dave Ramsey recommend? What does Dave think about Disney vacations, consolidation, timeshares, and switching electric service suppliers?
Baby Steps explained by Dave Ramsey. TMMO passwords. Links.