What is Twerking? Shake that Rump! Video of new fad or Trend Dancing in High School Causes Stir.

What is Twerking? The new hot trend is a dance that involves hips, butts, and a lot of shaking. Some schools are suspending students for this sexually explicit dance. Twerking is an internet sensation.
How do you Twerk? Videos of Twerking are all over youtube. Pictures of people twerking and videos featuring the best twerking are all over. Whats wrong with twerking?. Who invented twerking? Who was the first to do twerking? The Twerk videos are kind of funny and somewhat disturbing showing the youth of america being creative. Who created it? Celebrity Twerking video. is it just a fad?
Did Miley Cyrus Twerk Video go viral? Did Miley Cyrus invent twerking? Is it hard to twerk? Twerking dance Studio lessons are next