The 80's Remembered. Best TV Shows, Cartoons, and Favorite Music Videos

The 1980's were a blast. I grew up in the 80's and lived all the fun times. The TV shows were pretty cheesy and the Music Videos were all about the hair bands but it was a blast. ABC was my favorite channel and was pretty much dominated by Aaron Spelling shows. Fantasy Island and The Love Boat were must see TV during my time. Of course, in the early 80's (late 70's) The Brady Bunch was never missed. Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley were popular as well as Good Times and Sanford and Son.

 Saturday morning meant one thing....Cartoons. No school and all day to do whatever you wanted meant you started it off by watching the morning cartoons. There was no such thing as Cartoon Network or anything like that so Saturday was the day you waited for to veg out with Tom & Jerry or Superfriends.

The Music pretty much defined the 80's. Music Videos were all the craze. MTV was born and NBC had Prime Time Friday Night Videos. Hair bands were everywhere and young stars were born every week. Madonna was the queen of the videos and Michael Jackson the King (or was it the other way around).

The 80's were a fun time before all the digital age that made the world full of "too much information". Now days, everybody knows everything you are doing instantly and where you are at all times (cell phones, twitter, facebook, instagram, snap chat, etc..). In the 1980's, if you wanted to find your friends, you had to go out looking for them. You had to ride your bike or drive your car in order to participate in the social world.

Gas was cheap, cars were cool, and the Chicago Cubs were lousy.....well I guess somethings stay the same.