How do you eat an Elephant?

Part Two: It was now time to figure out the HOW part. How do I pay off over $100,000 of debt? I set out to find the answer by calling my best friend-GOOGLE. I googled and googled all day and mainly came across the same sites and blogs. One name kept coming up in all these sites. This guy named Dave Ramsey. Who was he? If he was so popular, why had I never heard of him? It seemed like he was the king of all the debt busters and he had a real detailed plan on how to become debt free. I had to find out more....I became a Ramsey junkie. All Dave, all the time. I listened to his podcasts, read his books, googled & googled evertyhing I could about him and the people following his plan. I now had a clue! Now the real fun began...time to get a really big fork!