I Don't Believe in Luck. Dave Ramsey Quotes

I am finally caught up to real-time after all my previous posts were about the past (August 1st, 2008 up till now). To update the numbers: 19 months into our debt destroyer plan. $38,500 paid off so far! $61,800 left to go (only the house). Our combined income is under 90k & we will pay off about 20k of debt each year. I guess my debt plan has been more of a combination of John Cummuta and Dave Ramsey. I have not been building a fully funded emergency fund (6 months of expenses) because I would rather be paying off debt than pause the payments for about 8 months. I figure if a financial crisis happened where I needed six months of expenses, I would just have to go back to the credit card but I would have paid off a whole lot of debt in the mean time. If no crisis happens then I am way ahead of the game and building a 6 month ffef after we are totally debt free will only take about 4 months. I am willing to take the risk that no major crisis will take place before 12/01/12 and we will be free. Wish me luck.