My Huffy Needs a Breathalyzer. Homebrewing Beer Hobby

Beer. That wonderful, wonderful word! I started drinking beer when I was pretty young. I have fond memories of my buddy and I riding our bikes to steal some brews out of his grandpa's basement fridge. We would each put a couple of beers in our pockets and ride out to the edge of town and drink them under the bridge. Let me tell ya, two beers at age 11 or 12 would make for an interesting bike ride home. Fast forward to now. I enjoy beer so much that now I make my own. Homebrewing is a great hobby. It is kinda like making a cake. You get all the ingredients and follow the recipe. I'm not talking about a Mr. Beer kit, this is the real deal. There are lots of great websites that you can buy the ingredients & supplies needed to make your own sweet nectar. The whole process from start to finish takes about 5 weeks. The best kick I get out of it is when I give a friend one of my homebrews and he is like "damn, you made this--pretty good". You just can't beat good beer, good friends, and a good bridge to drink under.