Get Rich Slowly...Just Like the Yankees. Spend Time, Not Money.

Baseball is very much like investing.  The most successful teams usually play the game very methodically & slowly.  This week, an umpire criticized the Yankees & Red Sox for playing their games so slowly.  In fact, the three slowest teams from last year (Yankees, Red Sox, & Dodgers) are probably three of the most successful teams.  Coincidence?  Probably not.  Getting rich slowly is the only proven way to actually get rich.  You need to be very methodical and disciplined in order to invest to get rich in a time span covering 25+ years.   If you try to do it quickly, you are much more prone to making mistakes that will set you back.  I would much rather be slow and successful than quick and mediocre.  Take the time to analyze your investment decisions and take the slow, proven approach.  Index funds are slow and boring but they are consistent and successful.  Automatic investing is boring but successful.  Be a bore!  Be a Winner!  Go Cubs!