Debt Elimination Secret Update. Getting Out of Debt: See Dave Ramsey/Cummuta/Suze Orman

My debt elimination update is a secret only because about 6 people will view this (my hit rate is not too good, huh).  Here is my update for May: 
Drum roll please.........

 Total debt as of May 9th is $53,616.

  On August 1, 2008 we owed $100,332.  We have payed off $46,716 in 22 months!  My new DEBT FREE date is August 1, 2012.  Only 27 more months until the house is paid off and we are totally debt free (how weird is that?).  The Dave Ramsey plan does work. 
It is like every other thing worth takes time and consistency.  You need to be committed to stay on it for the long haul.  I keep thinking about how I will feel once all debt is gone and everything I earn goes to my future and not the bank/creditors/drug dealers.  Just kidding on the drug dealers (although credit is consumer cocaine).  Dave Ramsey is right when he says that following the program is not complicated, but it is difficult.  It's difficult because it takes dedication, commitment, perseverance, and a bunch of other long words.  Stay the course and to the victor goes the spoils. Don't ever try and keep up with the Joneses, they're BROKE!