Kill-A-Watt Device Helps You Save Money on Electricity.

I bought a Kill-a-watt electricity monitoring device about a year ago so that I could really see where I was wasting money.  This cool device will tell you just how much electricity each appliance or device is using.  Is that old refrigerator costing you a ton?  All those chargers plugged into the wall will surprise you on how much electricity they are using EVEN when you are not charging anything.  Check to see how much juice those Christmas lights are using.  I soon became a Kill-a-watt junkie and was checking everything in my house & garage.  After making a few adjustments to what I kept plugged in, I figure this little device paid for itself in about 2 months.  The big payday came when I adjusted my pool pump to run about 1 hour less each day.  The savings really add up when you calculate it over time (months/years).  I highly recommend everyone getting one of these to open your eyes on electricity usage.  When you are done using it (not that you will ever be totally done), let a neighbor or friend borrow it to help them save some money.