There's No Oil Spill at the Campground. Camping 101.

My family loves to go camping.  We have a 24ft self-contained camper that is just big enough for our family of four.  Camping allows you to leave everything behind (stress, bills, daily routines) and unwind.  To me, there is nothing more relaxing and stress free than spending a weekend in nature's wonderland.  My camping days are basically broken down into three categories: coffee, food, & beer.  I always wake up early while camping and really, really enjoy that first cup of coffee.  I sit outside on my lawnchair and listen to the most peaceful sounds of singing birds.  Once my wife and other camping buddies wake up, my focus becomes all about breakfast.  I am normally a cereal guy, but while camping I turn into a Paul Bunyan breakfast kind of guy.  Massive amounts of food for breakfast.  Bring on the pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, & toast.  One of the best things in life is the smell of breakfast cooking at a campground.  It is also kind of fun to watch the other campers next to you cooking their breakfast just to see if they're out-doing you.  Once breakfast is over, it is time to do some more relaxing.  We will sit around for a while and plan out the day.  Usually we come up with some sort of entertainment for the kids to break up the day to avoid boredom.  Sometimes we plan putt putt golf or go cart racing, but it may just be a pick-up touch football game or volley ball.  Part of camping fun is having our group start a game and then have a bunch of other campers wander over and get involved.  Once the entertainment is done, it is time for some more relaxing.  Usually we do small lunches (a sandwich) because we were so stuffed from breakfast and anticipate a kick-butt dinner.  Beer time while camping is anytime after noon (Bloody Mary's start at breakfast for some people).  The girls usually mix up some sort of fruity cocktails but I pretty much stick with beer.  Dinner may include any of the following: steak, chops, burgers, dogs, brats, chicken, kabobs, etc.  While camping, dinner is an event.  It can't just be a quickie thing, everyone gets involved with some sort of cooking task.  From start cooking time to clean up time, it is a couple hour process.  I love fires.  I love building it, starting it, and watching it.  Fire puts me in a totally relaxed trance (or maybe it is all the beer).  Sitting around the camp fire with family and friends is really what camping is all about.  No worries.  Of course, everything I have written so far is the ideal camping day for me, but what would camping be without RAIN!  Yea, it usually rains quite a bit when we camp.  We drained Lake Delton (Wisconsin Dells) a few years ago.  I am notorious for being the rain god of camping.  Campgrounds should pay me to stay away.  Rain at first glance really stinks while camping, but in reality it creates the most memories.  Nobody remembers the perfect weather days, but we will talk about walking in ankle high water around our camper for years to come.  Wicked storms while camping turn into fun times (several years later, of course).  Attitude is everything while camping.  Enjoy whatever is thrown your way.  You'll be dirty, wet, & smelly, but so is everyone else....embrace it.