Cool N Save Unit to Reduce Cooling Costs. Scam or Real (Living With Ed)

The Cool N Save is a system that will supposedly save you money on your air conditioning costs?  It is an intriguing concept that deserves a look.  Basically, the unit hooks up to your outdoor water spigot and sends a very fine mist around your A/C condenser.  The mist is supposed to cool the air by up to 30 degrees which will in turn allow your condenser to work less hard to cool.  I have done some research online to get first hand responses from people who have used the system and the reaction tends to be mixed.
  Most people who used it said that it was cheaply built and quickly clogged.  It also was not giving off a big enough area of mist to be very effective and may leak....seems to be more frustrating than it is worth.  The best route is probably keeping your home cooler by not using the oven, keeping blinds/shades closed, and making sure the doors are not left open so long (darned kids).  Do your own research, but I say skip the $90 expense of this item and use the money to buy some Popsicles.