September Debt Payoff Update. UPDATE February 2013

On August 1st of 2008, we were in debt of 100k.  This total included our house, cars, & credit cards.  As of September 1st 2010, the total has shrunk to $46,550 (house only).  I have been gazelle intense the whole time and it is great to see the total debt shrink. 
Thankfully, consolidating credit card debt has not been needed (paid it off a while ago).  Your debt reduction strategy needs to happen today and the best way to pay off debt is QUICKLY.  Still on track to pay off mortgage early and be totally debt free by August 2012.  How will that feel??!!  Dave Ramsey's plan works....but is entirely up to you to execute it. *********UPDATE!******** Ok, so it it February 2013 (time flies). WE ARE 100% DEBT FREE!!!!!! House and everything paid off. Total paid in about 4.5 years was a tad over $100,000! The Dave Ramsey plan WORKS! Sent the final house payment over a week ago and received a paid-off confirmation letter from Citi Mortgage. *******************