Slow Cooked Tastes So Much Better. Debt Elimination the Right Way...Crock Pot Time Machine?

Doesn't food that was cooked in a crock pot taste and smell so much better than microwaved food?  There is something about that long wait that makes the meal so much more rewarding. 
The same goes for wealth.  If it takes a while and you really earn it, it will be much more rewarding than the instant gratification of some sort of windfall.  Doing the Ramsey Baby Steps is really like you are eliminating debt and growing wealth via the crock pot.  It smells great, tastes even better, and is there to stay.  You know when you have one of those "I wish I would have done that years ago" moments?  I can pretty much guarantee that you will say that when you do start your debt elimination program.  You definitely will never regret doing get out the old crock pot and change your future.