Transforming Debt into Wealth by John Cummuta-Scam?. Handling Debt to become Debtfree

John Cummuta review is often talked about on my blog because I find him interesting.  Many people believe his program is one big scam.  His program isn't a scam (because it works) but his marketing ethics probably are very questionable. 
His program, unlike Dave Ramsey's, has many questionable practices regarding purchasing.  Many people have commented that they were scammed into paying for the "free trial" when they could not cancel/return the program.
His title "Transforming Debt into Wealth" is somewhat misleading as well.  A lot of people assume that it shows them how to turn their debt into a positive thing-wealth.  It basically is just saying how to transform your thinking and actions into a way that eventually will pay off all debt and then you can start to grow your wealth.  It also has some "testimonies" that have people saying they paid off a 30 year mortgage in 2 years....right (maybe if they only had 10 years left out of the 30).
I do like Cummuta's presentation and theories, but I would never pay for his program.  It is so similar to Dave Ramsey's program that I would just avoid the trinity debt and wealth seminar.  It does not involve a mortgage elimination program, just focus and dedication.  Your handling of debt has gotten you into this mess, now is the time to begin prosperous living.  Both are great debt elimination strategies and will allow you to pay off your mortgage very early.  Credit card elimination is the key...stop using the credit card today.  Your credit diet needs to be one of starvation.