Brita Water Filter Review. Cheap, Clean, & Good Tasting H20??

I ordered a Brita water filter pitcher last week from and received it yesterday. I was anxious to try it out and see if it would make my water taste like bottled water. I was tired of buying bottled water because of the expense and the inconvenience.
I followed all the instructions (soak the filter in a cup for about 15 minutes & then empty out the first two pitchers). The hardest thing about setting up the pitcher was trying to get the lid on right. I admit it...I was trying to put it on backwards! It looked like it should have went on that way but it was just a tiny bit off. I struggled with the lid for about 10 minutes until my 9 year old son came in the house & said "it goes the other way". Duh. I asked him how he knew that & he just said "I looked at the picture on the box". Makes sense. Anyway, my tap water isn't bad but it tastes like tap water...a bit chloriny. The result: Nice improvement. It took out all the chloriny taste (yea, I know chloriny is not a word) and tastes more like bottled water (although not exactly). I am pleased with the pitcher and the results. I drink a lot of water (60 oz or more a day) and this will save about $15 each month versus buying bottled water. The filter costs about $6 and will last about two months. Two thumbs up on the Brita Water Pitcher.