How to Sell Gold For The Best Price. Cash For Gold/Best Place to Sell Gold without Envelope Scam.

I had a few old gold chains that I used to wear many, many years ago just sitting in a dresser drawer. I really was never going to wear them again so about 1 year ago I figured I would sell them at one of those "Cash for Gold" places. Procrastination led to TODAY..I finally did it. As the price of gold is at an all-time high, I finally took those chains (and a few old broken pieces of jewelry my wife had) to the Cash into Gold place.
I really didn't know what to expect. This place is one of those strip mall stores with the huge window sign saying "We Buy Gold" or "Cash for Gold" that probably just went into business about a year ago (they're popping up everywhere). The business was called Midwest Gold Buyers. I walked in and was pretty amazed that all that was in this place were two desks and a big wide open space. I was the only customer there. The lady working there was polite & informative, but I soon realized that this was one of "those" places. You know, the kind you read about that gives you next to nothing on what your gold is worth. I had two gold chains (necklaces), a ring, and a bracelet. The largest chain was "gold filled" so she said she couldn't take it and the bracelet had specks of small diamonds on it so since they don't pay anything for diamonds she would have to reduce the weight. The grand total she quoted me was $50. I said thanks....but this is the first place I stopped at and wanted to go to another place to get a quote. She then quickly upped my quote by 20% (wow, a whole $10 more). I told her maybe I would be back...yea right. This place probably paid about the equivalent of those places where you put your gold in an envelope and mail it (My Gold Envelope, Cash 4 Gold, Elite Gold Buyers, Empire Gold Buyers, Money4Gold, GoldPromise, US Gold Buyers, All-American Gold Buyers, Gold Stash for Cash......endless). There was another place about a mile away that advertised in my newspaper that they are the best place to take gold jewelry and basically make fun of how little those "Cash for Gold" places pay. It is a dinky little pawn shop looking place. It really isn't a pawn shop, they are really a coin type store but it had the feel of a pawn shop. I went in there and it was hopping. The place was wall to wall people (it was really small so about eight customers made it full). They totaled up all my jewelry and gave me a quote of $149. I said...let's do it. They handed me the cash and I was happy. I highly recommend you do a little research and get at least two quotes if you are selling any gold jewelry. The places that have been in business for many, many years are probably going to be more legit than the cash for gold-here today, gone tomorrow, place. The gold envelope scam thing is really a joke. Don't be that dumb. If you want to convert you gold to cash, it pays to shop around.