NFL Lockout Talk is Insane. Football is King in America. The Fan is Held Hostage.

I love NFL football. America loves football. Owners of NFL teams have become billionaires and the players have become multi-millionaires. Most games come down to the final minutes and any team can win. The only person who will lose if there is a lockout is the FAN. Greed is a powerful and destructive force that ultimately destroys everything that it controls. Will the NFL Draft be held?
The College players may have to wait to become rich. Since the NFL falls under a protective anti-trust law, I am hoping that congress will step in and tell the owners & players that they must continue under the current structure (16 real games) unless the two sides can agree to a revised schedule. Otherwise, no lockout allowed. Take that and shove it (do you realize the the NFL is actually tax-exempt??).