Transforming Debt to Wealth System by John Commuta. Why Many Misunderstand it as a Scam.

I get a lot of inquiries about the John Cummuta debt system where people assume it is a scam. The Transforming Debt into Wealth title is a large contributor to the scam assumption. People can't understand how their debt magically changes into wealth. Another reason for the scam thoughts is because of the radio commercial where a guy says that he paid off his 30 year mortgage in two and a half years.
That doesn't pass the sniff test. The "magically changing debt into wealth" and the pay off a 30 year mortgage in two and a half years are NOT really what Cummuta is saying, but that is what most listeners think they are hearing. The transforming debt into wealth is nothing more than the gradual process of ..being in debt...paying off the debt...spending less than you starting to build wealth. It doesn't mean you can make your $30,000 of debt work FOR you to make you rich. I agree that it is a rather confusing title. Next, the pay off the mortgage statement is misleading as well. I am almost certain that the guy in the commercial is saying he paid of his (originally 30yr) mortgage just 2 and a half years after he started Cummuta's program. What he doesn't say is that he was over 10 years into his mortgage (or 12...or 15). As I have said before in this blog, the system does work (because it has to). It is a complex way of telling you to stop wasting money and save it. Pay off your old debt, acquire no new debt, and spend less than you earn (therefore you have no choice but to gain wealth).