Retire Early One Cup at a Time.

Oh how I love my morning cup of coffee. From the second I stumble out of bed, coffee is the first thing on my mind. I look forward to it. So simple yet so satisfying. Coffee is an automatic for me every morning. If for some reason I were to skip it, my whole day would be a bit off kilter. You need to make investing the same way, it needs to be automatic! Don't just do it when you get the urge, make it an automatic process via your paycheck or bank account. It needs to happen at the least monthly if not weekly. If you are not taking full advantage of your employer's 401K and employee stock purchase plan then you are squandering a huge opportunity. Do it today! Take 20 minutes (about the same time it takes to drink that coffee) and figure out how to sign up. Do it for you! You can't afford NOT to! Time flies...don't delay. Twenty years of consistent investing will put you in position for a comfortable retirement. Think long term about building your nest egg and short term about getting your coffee, bacon, & eggs.